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Donna, Kathy, and Amy have been friends for several years after taking fitness classes at another studio in Bloomington and becoming certified instructors. When that business closed they decided to find another space and become independent contractors teaching Mat Pilates classes and Tabata Bootcamp. In June 2016 they opened The Well and Fit Studio at 209 S. Prospect Rd. where Dr. Janine Maere, MD practices. Amy has since moved to Florida where she is pursuing more fitness education. Other services in the building besides those of The Well and Fit Studio and Dr. Maere are Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Vibration Therapy.
Donna Smith

Donna is a 1997 graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Community Health Education and Exercise Science. She is a certified personal trainer,  group instructor, Pilates Mat instructor, as well as being certified for Pilates reformer. Donna has been working in the field of  exercise for thirty eight years, in addition to her full time at position at Country Financial in Bloomington.       

Donna loves instructing people to help them live their lives to the fullest of what life has to offer them, and to teach them to understand how their bodies and mind work together.

Donna has a married daughter and a granddaughter in the Chicago area. She says, "These beautiful ladies are my sunshine!"

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Kathy Janke


Kathy was a fifteen year student of Pilates before becoming certified as an instructor by SCW Fitness in 2015. She became certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise in 2016. Kathy has been working with The Well and Fit Studio since June 2016. She enjoys learning about how the body works and is always looking for new exercises and stretches to keep classes fresh. Mostly, she enjoys her relationship with each student.

Kathy is originally from the Chicago area but has lived in Bloomington Normal since 1992. She is married with one married daughter and a granddaughter who live in Skokie, IL.

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